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Full Version: Thunderbird Email Folder Location
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I downloaded and installed Mozilla Thunderbird in my Home directory.
I now have a folder in Home titled Thunderbird. I opened the folder, clicked on files till the program executed, then created a shortcut to that executing file on my desktop.

Is Home the "proper place" to keep installed program files?
Is there a better way to figure out what file executes a program?

I'm a Linux newbie who's trying to unlearn Windows.
One thing I've noticed about Linux is that you need to 'think' biggrin.gif !!
usually the executable is just the program name in my experience. Im still pretty new tho. I have he same problem you do both firebird and thunderbird are in my home directory. Im afraid to move them tho incase it disrupts some other files smile.gif
I normally put the whole directory in /usr/lib .... so, as root, go to the home directory that contains thunderbird directory.

mv thunderbird/ /usr/lib/
ln -s /usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird /usr/bin/thunberbird

Create a shortcut (actually the linux term is a launcher) that points to /usr/bin/thunderbird
Thanks hughesjr I appreciate your help!

I understand what "mv thunderbird/ /usr/lib/ " does,
but what is "ln -s /usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird /usr/bin/thunberbird" ?
It creates a logical link from the location /usr/bin/thunderbird that points to the file /usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird. So when you run /usr/bin/thunderbird, it really executes the file /usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird.

Since /usr/bin is where executable files go, we create a link for thunderbird there.
awesome thanks worked great
If I understand correctly,

Program Directories go in------------> /usr/lib
Executable Files, or a Logical Link to an Executable File, go in --------> /usr/bin

Thanks again !!
In case you dont know, lib = libraries bin = binaries

can be confusing to see those words and not know what they are I know.
Some linux distros put programs like thunderbird in /opt ... most put it in /lib.

Here is a link to read about the Linux Standard for the filesystem. It is called the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard:

Here is more about FHS:
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