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Full Version: Emerge K3b
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So I ran the command emerge k3b and that ran with out error, so now how do I launch the program? Just tryping k3b into the bash doesn't seem to work, I don't know how else to go through and try and find the command, I tried digging through the list you can generate but I didn't see anything. The same thing happened to me with gimp, what do I need to do other than just emerge the program to get it into the bash?
You should check your path. Re-emerge k3b, and watch where it installs it's binaries to. I forget where gentoo installs it's kde programs to, perhaps /usr/kde ?
Mine is at /usr/bin/k3b.

That would already be in your path.

We need to figure out what's up with your startup scripts...something is not quite right.
I am really getting that impression. I at work right now, if you give me some ideas of info you want I will post it as soon as I get home. I need to get my ssh up and running so I can answer questions from work because I think my boss would kill me if I put linux on this computer.
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