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Full Version: Shutdown From Kde
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I've checked KDE's page, but found answer to this. I was wondering if anyone managed to come up with a workaround to this issue?

I hope to at least enable the root user to shutdown from KDE instead of going back to the console and typing "shutdown ...".
In order to enable shutdown from within KDE, you need to run the KDE Login manager (KDM). When you install and run this, the option should appear in your logoff menu when exiting KDE.
Regarding this, I also have a problem. I've edited the /etc/inittab file to let Slackware start into X. Initially, I thought this would allow me to go into the KDE's login screen. But it doesn't.

Instead, I was brought to a login screen with a sunflower. Don't know which one that login screen belongs to. There is an option to let me choose which Window Manager to go into. The default is Gnome.

Anyway, my point is, that isn't the login screen I want. How do I change that?
Yeah...that login screen was provided by gdm and if you don't wan the login screen and actaully want to login should as root enable autologin.
just enter command..


and from there enable autologin.
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