I have the opportunity of converting a spare PC into a linux machine.
(Dell Optiplex GX1 384 Mbytes RAM 20 HBytes HDD )

I have created a boot and module1 disk from my Suse 8.1 personal edition CD and boothed the PC. The first time as the splash screen came up the display wentr ballistic, I had a 16Mb Video card fitted. I removed the video card and plugged into the onboard graphic card and re-booted. This time the boot went well and the splash screen came up. There was some animation on the screen as the boot process progressed but then the screen went blank and a message came on screen VGA not Supp. I could not go any further, had to come to work but wondered if anyone has seen this before and might have a suggestion or two.

The PC is a PII 333Mhz the monitor is a brand new 15" TFT flat screen. I link my PC and the Linux box to a shared monitor / Keyboard /Mouse switch wub.gif