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Full Version: Cangentoo Networking After Chroot Problem
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I decided to give gentoo a go. I booted up a minimal live cd. I then downloaded a stage 1 tarball via links. I did what it said (created the file system, extracted the tarball). I copied the resolve.conf file, and chrooted in. The internet works perfectly from the live cd, but in the console I chrooted in, it doesn't. I can't get the chrooted environment to connect, as none of the commands are there (stage 1 :-( ). I can't use portage either to compile the commands because the internet isn't up. modprobe doesn't exist, ifconfig doesn't exist, etc. within that environment. I have the internet in the other consoles. What should I do to make it work?
I went on IRC. Lots of people were confused, as no one else had had this problem. The first idea was that I hadn't copied resolv.conf, and I said I had, so that person had no idea what could be wrong. Suddenly, I saw what appeared to be the stupidest suggest ever, but after checking I realized the person was correct. I feel like an idiot. I spelt resolv.conf resolve.conf. I think I should get some sort of award for that mistake.
I was going to post the same thing (make sure you copied resolv.conf into the /mnt/gentoo/etc directory).

I misspell stuff all the time ... most humans still know what I mean, but computers are not so forgiving smile.gif
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