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Full Version: Modem Not Connecting
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I'm a complete Linux novice and hope someone out there can help me. I have a pc with win98 and Suse Linux 8.2 professional. My modem is an Intel 536EP (Internal). I can connect to the internet ok under win98, but crikey, I can't get it to work under Linux.

I haven't done anything technical yet (like install drivers) as I really don't know where to start. I have (as far as I can tell) correctly set up kinternet with the correct settings to make a connection to freeserve. However, when I try and "Dial Up" in kinternet nothing happens. The connect icon appears to be trying to connect for about two seconds, but no noise is made from the modem at all. I noticed the option to "view log" and here is what it says is happening:

SuSe Meta pppd (smpppd -ifcfg) version1.00 on freeserve
We are disconnected
Trying to connect to smpppd
Connect to smpppd
We are disconnected
We are connecting
We are disconnected
pppd died: pppd options error (exit code 2)

I hope this means something. I have looked on Google for clues, but I must admit I am way out of my depth.

I noticed that the hardware scan picks up the Intel modem and correctly labels it as a 536EP -Does this mean it has the correct drivers?

Well fingers crossed someone has the answer. Many thanks to you all for reading.
My computer recognized a US Robotics USB modem without being able to use it. It probably needed a driver. The driver tells the OS how to use the hardware, but not necessarily its name. Does your machine have a cute little sticker on it that says "Designed for Windows"?
A good site to go to is
Also see Robert's answer to my AHHHH Modems catch-22 thread in this forum. He has some advice and a HOWTO site link.
There are actually a few dedicated websites to Linux modem drivers, if you do end up needing one.
I know this is kinda non-specific, but I hope it helps.

In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?
Thanks gaviidae,

The links were useful. I'm now trying an external modem which is in one of the compatibility lists from your link. So cheers for that.
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