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Full Version: Mandrake 9.0 Partitioning Troubles
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I'm trying to install Mandrake 9.0 on my computer, and I've had some problems with the DrakX partitioning agent. At the beginning of the partitioning phase, the installation program gives me two options: Erase all data or Custom Partitioning. I want to have Mandrake and WinXP, so erasing all data is not an option. So I select Custom Partitioning. DiskDrake pops up, and it looks like I have two partitions: a 28M hibernation partition at the beginning (left side on the visual representation) of the drive and another partition labeled by "mnt nt" taking up the rest of the 27 gigs. According to the Mandrake onling walk-through thing, I'm supposed to resize my main Windows partition to create free space for new Linux partitions. When I try to do this (click on mnt nt and hit "Resize") the installation program thing gives me an alert box that says all data will be lost if I resize this partition. According to the walk-through on the Mandrake website I should just be warned that I should backup my files before continuing. Is this some kind of scare tactic? Should I stop worrying and just resize that partition? Or should I download Partition Magic or something like that? The problem shouldn't be free space or fragmentation because I cleared out 9 gigs of hd space and defragged three times immediately before installation. Help!
Well i have never used disk drake coz the best partitioning tool is fdisk
for linux(though it can't resize ur partition).but from the info i got over google i can say that they have told that try to resize using this tool if
you don't care to lose data.but u should try fips this should be already
on ur linux cd.
The /mnt/winnt partition is your Windows XP, if you would like to install linux, then you will have to resize that partition and give yourself another partition to install it on. Do not use the partitionnig tool included in the installation, it will delete all the data that is on your partition (thus loosing WinXP). My suggestion is to either use FIPS (suggested above) or I would go ahead and do what you said and download Partition Magic. PM is a great tool for disk partitioning and I prefer it over anything else for resizing existing partitions with important data on it. The Mandrake installation isn't lying to you, it will resize the partition, you will just end up with 2 blank partitions instead of one WinXP partition and one blank one.
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