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Full Version: Boot Problem
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I may have an origial here. I have an Ausus P4P8X SE with P-2.4 no HT and 256 Megs of RAM Marvel Gigabyte LAN AC 97 CODEC, ATI Radeon 8500,52X Cd Burner, Ps/2 Kb, USB Mouse.

I have tried to install several distorbutions including Vector, Slackware, ALT Linux. All of these distros' have been used on other machines multiple times wihout problem so I know he media is good.
I have used LILO on MBR without failure before on alot of other machines. More than I can count of every configuration under the sun. After the install either dual or single boot I can not get LILO to boot I get a " Block error 0x03" then nothing. The install of LILO did not matter i.e floppy or MBR. I can get the distros' to boot from their install CD'S.
I have made multiple changes to my Bios without success. I have tried another boot loader "GAG" again have same failure. I have googled and manned myself to death. The only thing I have come up with is "this should no happen". I have tired to install on different HDDS'. I have tried distros' that I installed from other machines and then installed the HDD to this machine,again failure.Before every install Low level format done amd MBR erased.My hair is becomming thin and gray. I have posted to other forums and no luck so far.

Any ideas?

If you need any other info. please ask.

I will post the solution when I find it.
Just a guess...
Do you have SATA drives?
You mentioned different types of HD. If you have tried installing to a regular IDE drive Was the SATA controller disabled? I do not have a motherboard with a SATA controller but I believe there is a BIOS configuration for PATA mode.

AFAIK slack does not include SATA support as default.
I have disabled ICH. I have only used IDE drives. No way to totaly disable SATA drive. However nothing is connected to my SATA ports.
I'm clueless at the moment.
I haven't gotten any new suggestions from anywhere else yet either.

Thank you I am still looking. I do not give up easily. smile.gif
Make sure you have the latest BIOS for motherboard, flash in the new bios if you don't ... especially if you have a large Hard Drive.
My search for the answer continues.

Hughesjr. I have the latest Bios installed. Did not have any changes in my outcome.

I booted via the install CD and started again looking at the logs and anything else that may give an answer.

I found that KDE has a lilo checker. That thing is cool and pointed me to a few problems. I found that LILO was trying to load fromMD5. I do not have RAID setup or even enabled. I fixed that. I also found that my vmlinuz was not pointed right. I fixed that. LILO probed as successful from KDE.

I rebooted and now I get a screen full og Block error 0x03. At least it was change.

Still looking for ideas.
Have you tried slackware 10? It has a much newer kernel.

What happens if you boot the PC on Knoppix 3.4?

If possible, try an install with a fairly new Grub distro like FedoraCore 2, Mandrake 10, Debian Sarge....

just to see if they will install.
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