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Full Version: Supported New 3d Cards?
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I'm in the process of upgrading MUCH in my machine. I would like to get a video card that's going to hold it's own for a few years (Unlike my GeForce 4MX has). I've looked at the GeForce and ATI's stuff .. Seems it's almost a matter of taste as to which one you like.

My question is .. Are they both supported by Linux well? I typicly run FC stuff (Lorma Linux). Have had no issues with my GeForce 4 card until it died a month ago.

Any help is appriciated,
Justin blink.gif

both NVIDIA and ATI has drivers for linux ( ,

NVIDIA graphich card are easier to install.

ATI drivers can be a little bit harder to install if you have a NVIDIA NFORCE type mainboard, and if you wan't to use ATI's full 3D capabilities under your linux distro you will need to recompile your kernel since DRI is enabled by default and it's not compatible with the ATI linux drivers.

But whichever you choose to buy, we can help you get them up and running.

Robert B

ps.: ATI is still a better buy then NVIDIA ( ATI is just faster, ...if you by a NVIDIA card you also buy the name which is not cheap... a ATI Radeon 9600Pro is a lot faster then a GF FX 5600 and they are almost priced the same)
I like NVIDIA cards better (actually NVIDIA clones). I like the ti4600 OR fx5600 myself (for the price). ATI is harder to get functioning in Linux (requires a complete kernel recompile sometimes).

As robert83 said though, the ATI cards are a little faster ... once you get them fully functional.
My GEForce FX5200 worked straight from Fedora core's clean install, no need to download any drivers
My Geforce4 ti4200 worked perfectly from day one.

As well all NVidia cards past, present and future thanks to their unified driver architecture.
Now, with the 6106 drivers, NVIDIA 3D works with FC2 as well. (There was a problem with the new 4K stacks kernel setting.
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