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Full Version: Does Mandrake 10.0 Run "slow"?
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I've downloaded and installed MDK 10.0 Official and it runs real slow compaired to W2K on my dual boot machine. This is my first exposure to Linux. Is there anything this Linux Newbie should "configure" or check out to improve program load speed?
Please be patient, Linux is NEW to me and I'm not up to speed yet!

what are your system specifications ?

the entire system runs slow , or only a few programs?

Robert B
What programs did you choose to install? If you choose all the server stuff it will definately take up resources.
From my experience with Mandrake 9.2 (it can't have gotten much faster since), Mandrake is a slow distro. Its nice and all, but I can imagine Win2K being faster than it. Unfortunetly, must of the fast Linux distro's are harder (Slackware, Debian, Gentoo come to mind). Try downloading VectorLinux SOHO ( Its slackware based, and blazing fast. It also takes away the hard part of setting up your system (as opposed to just using slackware). Although a text/text menu based install, its not much more complicated than Mandrake install, although you do lack the graphical install environment, and you need to use cfdisk. If you read up on it a little, you should find the install a breeze, and have a system a lot faster than Windows. Its not as easy as Mandrake, but you should be able to figure most of it out with a little help. Good luck! (You'll love it once you get past the install). One warning, you may need to type "Startx" to start the graphical environment, but I think the install gives you the option of a graphical boot up.
Mandrake 10 is supposed to be fairly fast (see this article) ... but I am afraid that there are not many distros that have the same X performance as the Windows GUI ... especially if you don't have lots of RAM.
I ran Manrake 10 for a while, I never thought of it as slow. Let us know what your system is like. You can also try running the command top from a command line and see whats running. Its pretty self explanitory, you will be able to see if any programs are eating up CPU or Memory.
If he's running Windows 2000 (especially if it came with the computer) instead of XP, then it's probally a fairly oldish system (probally 128mb of ram or less, probally under 900mhz). Just a guess though.

KDE/Gnome both run like crap compared to the Windows 2000 GUI on specs like that.

Try Fluxbox or Enlightenment for a slimmer GUI, though they arn't as spiffy as KDE/Gnome. wink.gif

There's also a windows95 clone desktop enviorment, but I forget the name (sorry).
I'm running an AMD 400mhz processor and 192mb RAM.
I guess thats the problem?
Mandrake Linux, or Linux in general, needs lotsa CPU and RAM?
kde on mandrake I had found slow. If I remember, the Win95 clone is fvwm95.
linux doesn't need a lot of power, linux is muh more efficient with your computer than something like WIndows will even be, Manrake isn't even that bad, its KDE and GNOME that need power.

KDE and GNOME are like the new WindowsXP interface, its all bubbly and nice and full of things like shaded windows and translucent menues, those are what really eat up computer power. Take Termina's suggestion and try using Enlightenment of Fluxbox as your window manager instead of KDE.

Those can both be installed with the built in Package Manager that Mandrake gives you. Ounce you have switched over to one of those two, there are some other things that can be set to make sure than your getting the maximum amount of your computer's power for you and not eyecandy.

yes, you see both Gnome and KDE uses these fancy effects, and thus it requires a fast cpu and 256MB ram, I'm running my Fedora Core1 installations at the company on 1700XP+ 256MB DDR Ram, it runs ok on those computers, my guess would be , that a 800-900Mhz Duron or Celeron with 256MB SDR ram or DDR ram should be able to handle Gnome and KDE at a acceptable level.

you can type in a console :


and see how much CPU is used when you open up something, and how much free memory you have, I guess in your case it is a really (extra) bad thing if it runs on swap memory (cause I think your hard drive aint the fastest one either (no offense here)).

you should definitely try one of the alternative GUI's in this case, you can check at this site , and check out what are the reccomended computer specifications for the GUI's.

Robert B
I did do some memory tests when trying to figure out which I wanted and gnome and KDE seemed to take up at least 150 megs more memory than IceWM.

My PC flies when I dont use KDE and gnome. From what I tested Gnome seems to use a bit less memory. but with 512 Megs I on average had about 480 used with KDE and about 400 used with Gnome. Thats with a SSH, SAMBA server running using Gnome Monitor (16 megs or so used by that)

Theres alot of other desktops make sure you try them out. Mandrake has a great installer, if you go to add packages I know ICEWM and a few other are included and it will ask you for the disk it needs.
Thanks for all your suggestions!

I think I'll try using either Enlightenment of Fluxbox as my window manager instead of KDE. I don't want to give up on Linux even though my first impression isn't (wasn't ?) that favorable.

Any advise on installation? Do I need to delete KDE?
Unless your strapped for Haddrive space I would recomend leaving it for now. KDE installs some nice little programs to that you can still use in Enlightenment of Fluxbox or anything else for that matter. So my rec is to leave it for now.
You can also switch back and forth between the two at the login screen. I would Leave it incase you decide you dont like the new manager.
I have same sort of feeling with Fedora Core-2.
My system configuration is..P4(1.7Gz),256mb Ram,16mb VRam.

Actually i just compared the memory usages of some applications in Fedora-core2 and Redhat-9.0.

Application Redhat-9.0 FedoraCore-2
Mozilla 20-30Mb 100Mb
RhythmBox 20Mb 80Mb
Xmms 5-10Mb 50Mb 50-60Mb 110Mb

This comparison was done using Gnome-system-monitor.Every application looks bulky in FedoraCore-2 unless Gnome-system-monitor is lieing or something.I have also checked /proc/meminfo and it looks the same.
You probably have a newer version of gnome running of FC2? Maybe they added a bunch to the window management.
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