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Hello, as you probably know I'm new here, new to linux, and new to everything but Windows.

So on with my ramble about my problems.

I purchased a computer at a yard sale a day ago. When I booted up I was suprised to find out it had Linux. I have always wanted to try Linux, but never had the time so I said, I thought I would toy around with it. Heres the problem. The people I bought it from have two "Screen names/login accounts" and I have access to neither of them because I do not know the passwords. I guessed that there were probably 3 things I could do. Login as the root and find the passwords. Create my own new Login name. Or wipe the system clean formatt. All three of these things I do not know how to do, so hopefully you guys would know. Personally I would just like to just a new login name, but I don't know how.

Please if you do respond don't use "Linuxy" words, I only knew the word "root" from reading a chapter on a webpage, but it did me no good.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: I was looking at other threads and if it makes any difference I don't know the root password.
How do I add a user?
While logged in as root, type adduser username at the shell prompt, replacing username with the name you want to use to log in. You can create as many users as you wish, one for each member of your family, for example.

I saw this at this site, and I found the answer to my problem, now my problem is "How do I login as root?"
without the root password you will not be able to do anything. when you log on is it graphical or text interface? if its graphical on the distro's ive used you can CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE at the same time to get to the text console. then for user name type in root and then the password. then you can use that command from there. I do not know how possible it is to crack linux user password or if it is even possible.
if you want to reinstall linux I'd recommend getting Mandrake Linux and just popping in the CD and configuring the BIOS to boot off the CD the rest is pretty self explanatory. Mandrake has the easiest install ive ever seen.
So how do I get this CD, I can't burn Cds right now.
THis site(click here) has all the different distro's on CD's for about 6 bucks each. That or you can visit Mandrakes site and buy the deluxe version for about 40 bucks and get a bunch of extras and support.
If you'd really like to experience linux without the hassle of installing a new O/S I'd recommend getting a copy of Knoppix, it boots right off the CD and is loaded with features, it wont effect your Windows box at all. When your done just pull out the CD and reboot.
I really hope you havn't switched yet.

The easiest thing to do is to download/burn a resuce CD (or a distro that runs from CD at bootup like slackware, knoppix, DSL, or gentoo).

It will automaticly have you logged in as root (nifty!)

Now cfdisk /dev/hda (or hdb, hdc, hdd, etc.) until you see the linux partition.

mkdir /mnt/hda1 (where hda1 is your linux partition)
mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
chroot /mnt/hda1

Now you're logged in as root! Sweetness, eh?

Now type "passwd", and enter in your new root password (twice).

Reboot, remove the CD, and you can log in as root with that password.
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