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Full Version: Big Harddrive Problems
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I tried to move some partions around with diskdrake or a program with that kind of name.
I use Mandrake 9.
I wanted to umount the /var directory and move it forward .5GB
Luckily I had the console up because next thing I know I type df and it says the /usr directory takes up "16T" and is 100% used. I can't acseess the partition, please please give me help.
I can't acsess a text editor or anything as it says the command is not recognised.
Please help.
did you break each folder into different partitions? Help me understand what your orginal partition scheme was like.

One of the best tools for recovering data and saving your system is to use a LiveCD to boot up and get at your data. Knoppix is good, but you can type rescue at the boot promt on a Mandrake install CD to get some of the same tools. It will alow you to edit things.

You probably messed up the way that your system is mounting drives. Please explain what your old partition scheme was, what you want it to be, and post your /etc/fstab file
I had diffrent partiotions for /, /tmp, /usr, /var(Ext3), as well as 2 windows partions(Fat32) and the /home(Fat32) partition.

I can't read the fstab file as all the text editors won't work (vi, emacs) as I can't get into the /usr directory.

I can acsess the internet only from another machine.

I don't really want to reboot as that means it won't be able to load the /usr/* files so it won't work. I don't want to be locked out.

I hope this helps.

Thank you.
Don't bother replying anymore I have just reinstalled Mandrake.
It seemed the super node was corrupted or something like that.
Thx for the help any way lest0039.
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