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Full Version: Trouble Installing Mandrake 10.0
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Hey guys,

Im completly new to Linux and every one said that Mandrake is the best for a begginer. So I have already downloaded it and burned it onto cd's, now the only problem that Im having is I don't know what to do when I get to the part where it says " Which size do you want to keep for windows on. I triend moving the bar to the middle and it only gives me about 564 MB to choose my packages. I tried moving almost all the way to the left, which I think it gives windows a smaller hard drive side, and it only gives me 255 MB, I don't know what to do. I mean right now I have 22.1 GB of harddrive free. Can anyone help me on putting this bar so that I can get a greater MB?

I don't use Linux in a dual boot with windows very often ... can anyone else help with the new NTFS tool included with Mandrake 10?
select "expert mode" button in the partion manager during installation to manualy resize windows partition and to select/size the linux partions.
My system is in the middle of installing XFree for my new Gentoo set up, but when this is done I will pop in my mandrake disks and take a look at it.

For sure if nothing else, make sure that you had defragged and ran scandisk before you try to use the resize tool, if anything is funky with your drive you can run into a lot of trouble fast.
Well I know how to get there but I have no Idea what the heck im doing there. I know that windoes takes up most of the space since it's blue and blue is the bigger bar of all, then it has about 7 other little tiny bars, on top I have some tabs to choose from windows of course has the biggger one and theres just this little one that says empty. It's the bar that I have to move that it's confusing. And apperently no one else seems to have got it, I guess its because when they intall 10.0 they might be upgrading from and older version so they use existing partitions, I'm looking for some one that just installled 10.0 with out having any mandrake previously installed.
select expert mode. then where you see the "empty" part select it with the mouse then you will be able to edit/size/select file system and fomat that partition
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