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Full Version: Force Filesystem Check On Bootup
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i need to have my system to force a filesystem check on bootup....

reason is...the only way i have access to my linux server is through

besides that.....for example....the power went out in the
neighborhood the other day...and when i turn on my linux server
after the power outage i like to force a filesystem check on bootup
when it asks you to press "Y" in 5 seconds to force the file system check...

but the problem is....i have to unhook my desktop computer and hook my
linux server upto my kvm switch ...power on my linux server....wait
till i have to press "Y" then unhook the linux server from the kvm...etc..etc

i just hate to have to switch the two computers around on the kvm switch
to accomplish this....

id like to just push the power button on my server and let it do its thing
and automatically run the file system check....

i read up on this a while back but cant remember where i found the answer...

soo....if anyone knows how to do this....i remember reading about a file
that had to be edited ..i just dont remember which one...

no im too cheap to buy a UPS at this time or another KVM switch...i
have enough cables with the computers i already have in my living room...
3 to be exact....
Don't you simply have the change the numbers in /etc/fstab to do this?
i found out how to do it ....

you have to create the file /etc/sysconfig/autofsck

and place the following into it:


this will allow fsck to always run...

i think it will also give you the option to skip it during boot up though
PS your avatar is broken.
ya ive been needing to fix it...i havent moved the image back on to my server yet
after the switch over to a few minor things im working on for the
webserver still....
chris ... I see you moved to CentOS smile.gif

I like the speed of updates a little better on CentOS as well.

I have moved my Firewall / Webserver / Mailsever at home to Centos.

My work production linux servers I have left on WBEL.
ya i moved to centOS, that was the main reason i moved
to centOS because of the updates are done faster...

another reason is that i had no problems during install
like i had with whitebox...i also noticed a speed difference
in that centOS seems to run somewhat faster which i like
Installing using the CentOS 3.1 (or now also WBEL respin 1) is better because the hardware detection is better...allowing more devices to be detected and setup properly. The newer kernels on those CDs are also better on some hardware.

The WBEL user list is still more active though.
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