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Good Morning everyone...

I'm trying to tar a pakage to floppy disk, creating a multi volume disk, well with some trouble a put it in a disk, but when i want to decompress my file i use the following comands :
*(i use slakware 4.0) in a old laptop*

# mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
# tar -xf /mnt/tar_file -M

it work fine with the first diskette but when it ask me for the second part, and i change the disks, returns me the following error :

Prepare volume #2 for /mnt/prueba and hit return:
*here i press make the change and press return*
tar: tar_file is not continued on this volume
tar: Cannot open /mnt/tar_file: Not such file or directory

and its over i press ctrl+c to exit...

what im doing wrong, or there another alternative to do de same?
please any help will be appreciated...
Can you try making the tar file again?

The way you did it should work ... but here is how I do it:

tar -cvzMf tarfile_name.tgz somefiles*


tar -xvzMf tarfile_name.tgz

(you may have to leave off the z if your version of tar doesn't use gzip ... and you can leave off the v, its for verbose output while doing the tar)
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