Hi All,

Can anyone help with this. I'ce checked the net, and all examples seem to refer to running a mail server while I'm just a home user trying to access my ISP's mail server.

I have a RHF Linux Box running SQUID proxy. Also Dial-up internet connection. The rest of the network are MSXP Box's. I can access the WEB through the linux box and surf ok. All other connections seem ok. The one I have trouble with is e-mail from my windows box's.

When trying to connect to my ISP e-mail, I get an error that the e-mail program cannot see the socket. I've configured the e-mail program for the standard POP3 and SMTP addresses for my ISP, and I have no trouble connecting directly if I dial in from my windows box, so it's something to do with the linux box.

Anyone have any suggestions?