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Full Version: Permission Denied Trying To Edit Inittab
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I have been trying to edit the initab to boot to runlevel 3 to install the nvidia drivers, have opened up a terminal and typed/etc/inittab and get a permission denied. What do i need to do to resolve this or am i going about this the wrong way, just need to exit x to get the drivers installed. Any help appreciated. BTW first Linux install.
Thanks Richard
richard ...

you actually need to edit the file /etc/inittab. When you type it by itself in the command line, you are trying to execute /etc/inittab as if it was a script instead of editing it. But, to install the NVIDIA drivers, (in many distros) you can just type the command (as the root user):

init 3

and you won't have edit the file at all ... you can do the install in gui mode and when you reboot, if the install went well, you will still be booting in GUI mode (runlevel 5). ... also, some distros (debian and slackware) don't use runlevel 5 as GUI mode.

(make sure you already have the drivers downloaded and you are ready to install them).

While in console mode, if you need to edit a file, you must use a console editor like nano or vi
A redundant reply:
# vi /etc/inittab
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