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Full Version: Disable Kde Panel?
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Cant seem to find anything on it. I downloaded KSMoothDock and like it alot more but I figure im just suckin up more ram using both. There any way to disable it or is it built in like windows? Thanks for any help.
Here is a simple way to disable kicker. I know this works on KDE 3.2.2 and it should work with previous versions with no problem.

Open up /opt/kde/share/autostart/panel.desktop and on around line 3 where is says "Exec=kicker", change it to "Exec=true" and save. You can just delete the file completely, but I prefer this method because I can set it back really easily.

Hope this helps..
I dont have the share folder on my distro, running mandrake 10. Hmm


or just

locate panel.desktop


find / | grep panel.desktop
Found it thanks
bleh when I disable kicker the kmoothdock looses its application menu
Then you should keep kicker open and have it hide somewhere.. There are others like KlearDock which is supposed to not use Kicker at all. I haven't tested it yet, but I'm hoping to hear weather or not it works. You can find it here:
I switched to gnome for now programs kept freezin up for 10 - 15 secs in KDE for some reason. Keepin gnome till I figure it out. Thanks for the help tho
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