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Full Version: Problem Installing Onboard Sound. Fedora Core 1
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Hey guys,

I have an INTEL 865 PERL motherboard with onboard sound. I am using Fedora Core 1 now. I was wondering if you guys would know how to get sound working on my system. I needed to install drivers even in XP so I was wondering if anyone else here has an INTEL PERL or onboard sound in general and had this problem and solved it.


you can download all the necesary drivers here

just scroll to the bottom of the page, and I think RH9 dirver will be close enough for your distro.

Robert B
hey.. thanks for pointing out the driver.. its not doing anything though =(

I have kernel 2.6 right now and its finding the source finally cause I moved my install source to the right directory.

but now when I run the install script it just does nothing and goes back to command line..I cant even scrollbar to see if anythign went wrong cause it cleared the screen =(

any help is appreciated

The drivers provided by INTEL are nothing but ALSA drivers..if you have Kernel-2.6 working then it comes with alsa already so you need not to install the driver seperately.
So..i will suggest:
1.Upgrade to Fedora Core-2 ( i am 95% sure that it will recognise the sound card automatically and you will have to do fewer tweaks)
2.If you don't want to upgrade then we will have to see what error occured during driver installation.
Just dump the output of installation script to a file..using..

# ./ > ~/error.txt

and then post the content of file error.txt.And if you are compiling the driver then you will need the Kernel sources thus install the proper kernel headers.
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