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Full Version: Confused Noob Trying To Installe Suse Linux
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hey there, ive been trying to get SuSe linux 9.0 onto my P.C.
i downloaded the boot.iso file from a mirror and burned it onto a CD
i booted with the C.D and it works fine
the problem is that i need to get files via FTP for the installation and
i dont think my ADSL modem is recognised by linux. its a Cayman
Netopia 3300 series. its plugged into a usb port on the P.C.
now this has me thinking that even if i get linux installed by another
method i wont be able to access the web anyway. am i correct?
is there any way i can make this modem work under linux?
thanx for looking


i could not find your modem on the SUSE hardware compatibility list, which is not a good news but on the other hand it may just mean that nobody has tried to set it up in SUSE yet;

your modem should have an Ethernet port in addition to USB (well, at least its spec-sheet says so), so try to connect the modem through that port and start SUSE again; Ethernet connection is much, much easier to set up than USB so that should be your first option;

once you have modem hooked up to the Ethernet port, you should look for "Network Device Control" or "Internet Settings Wizard" (sound like Windows, but there should be something like this somewhere in YAST) and set up the access (enter user name and password, etc, etc);

sorry, cannot give much more of an advice now; i am running Fedora (had SUSE in the very begining but did not like it much) and there were no problems connecting DSL modem and setting up the access;

good luck and keep posting, we will help you, sooner or later :-)

Thanks for your promt reply lesio1947
i gave up with SUSE for now and i'm downloading mandrake instead
i know it will probably be a similar problem with the modem again.
unfortunately my computer doesn't have an ethernet port
that is why i had to resort to the usb option.
i think i may have a better chance of getting things to work if i
actually get linux installed on my pc first. well i hope so. :-)

you can always get an Ethernet card and save yourself lots of hassle down the road; USB modems are really tricky, no matter which distribution you want to use;

that is why i insisted on Ethernet modem when signing up for service;

but good luck, whatever you do :-)

would the modem definately work if i installed an ethernet card?
ive got mandrake running nicely
it seems to recognise something plugged into the usb port but it doesnt have a clue what it is
i dont know how on earth to go about trying to set the thing up
any ideas anyone?

Since you have ADSL, there might be a problem with PPPOE even with a NIC ... but chances are very good that with a recognized NIC your modem will work correctly.
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