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Full Version: Newbie - Acrobat Reader Install
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Hi All,

I have just successfully installed Mandrake 10 alongside WinXP. I've downloaded Acrobat Reader for Linux and now would not have a clue what to do with it! My thinking is that if someone would be kind enough to offer a few clues as to how to install it, it would help me for other progs - give me the basics if you like!!

I have at least managed to extract the compressed files....

Thanks in advance


it should be quiet simple

just go to the directory you unpacked the tar.gz file

and type

and follow the instrutions

Robert B

open a terminal window, go the the directory where you unzipped the file and do as robert said ... run ./install

if you get the error noted in the above link, you may need to edit the file called out in that link...
One problem you might encounter while running Acrobat is it will say UTF-8 not supported...then edit the file ~/.bashrc and put following lines
LANG = "C"
export LANG
Thanks Folks - I'm getting there. Please remember I saw Linux (Mandrake) for the first time yesterday and am still coming to terms with terminals and GUI's etc. I know this sounds stupid, but I keep getting "permission denied" when the Acrobat install wants to create a subdirectory in /USR. I suspect I need to log in as root. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do that within the GUI. I know this is basic stuff - I'm using this install of Acrobat Reader as a way to learn the basics!!

Thanks again for your patience - don't hit yourselves in the forehead too hard with the palm of your hand as you read this.


you have to do the install as the user named root...

in the terminal, before you issue the install commands, issue the command:

su - root

then enter your root password.

Then do the command:


it should say root.

Everything you do in that terminal window will be as the root user ... all other things that are going on outside that terminal (ie, the menu bar ... all your other programs) are running as the user you logged in as.
I'm making progress (I think...)

I accept the acrobat licence agreement and the following appears...

Enter installation directory for Acrobat 5.0.9 [/usr/local/Acrobat5]

I press enter and the following appears...

Installing platform dependent files ... Done
./INSTALL: line 219: ed: command not found
ERROR installing /usr/local/Acrobat5/bin/acroread

That's where I'm at - no Acrobat Reader yet...

Is this a problem with the Adobe Installation Files?



You need the ed package...

open up the console and try

apt-get install ed


yum install ed

or find the add remove programs (or something like that) and search for a package called ed
and install it

Robert B
Thanks for your help Gents,

All go - now for the digital video camera.......
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