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Full Version: Unable To Install Lan Card
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i am unab le to install asound10/100 lan card on my linux 9. the drivers supplied with lan card gtivens an error while compliling into kernel. the error is something link GPL licience not found for driver. i have gone thru the driver and writer of driver has written that he has made the driver according to GPL. plz help.. btw asound 10/100 mbps has relteak 8139 chipset.

then you could do this
modinfo 8139too

this should give you back some info about the module (just checking if you have it)
then type
modprobe 8139too

this should show nothing at all if everything is ok

cd /etc
vi modules.conf

look for a alias eth0 if there is one.... if not
then just add

alias eth0 8139too (and if it's really realtek 8139 chipset)

then it shall work after you type


Robert B
if this works then

cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
vi ifcfg-eth0

BOOTPROTO=static (if you don't use DHCP to asign ip adresses)
BROADCAST=the subnet you are in, the last number is 255 (for example
IPADDR=your ip adress
NETMASK= (this is used in most cases, unless you are using two different subnets
and want them to be able to view each other without a nat server , then you would use
which mean that 192.168.x.x x=number . So if you have a pc in and a pc in with subnet at both computers they will be able to view each other)
NETWORK=your subnet , ther is a zero (0) at the end (
ONBOOT=yes (so the device gets started up at boot)

now we need to specify our gateway computer ( the computer that is usualy connected to the internet and is sharing connection with other computers in our home network, or company)

cd /etc/sysconfig
vi network

NETWORKING=yes (so that networking is enabled)
HOSTNAME=blablabla.blabla (you have already specified this during install, so something should be here)
GATEWAY= the ip adress of the computer that has internet sharing enabled ( for example

now we need to specify our DNS server ( the one that transalates names to ip adresses)

cd /etc
vi resolv.conf

nameserver (if it's a winxp computer then it will work, if it's a linux computer you must have a dns running on it) or you can use the dns server of your isp

Robert B
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