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Full Version: Lines In Screen After Boot?
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After i get to the bootloader screen and click enter to start Linux Red Hat 9 (shrike) everything starts up with an [ OK ]... Once everything is started up i get a screen with a lot of lines going left and right across the screen that are mostly grey, purple, and the rest is black background. I am not sure what happened... Durring startup my monitor was already selected at the very top. I have a NEC Multisyn 70 (50-60HZ) and i had to select that it was 50-60hz. I dont know what the vertical was so im not sure if that was the problem or not... (im confusing myself)

AHH HELP!!! i have been trying to get the installation right for over a week now!
its probably not the monitor, its probably the video card. What kind of card are you using?

What you will need to do is boot into non-graphical mode and install the modules for the video card before you can get it up and running right.

To get a command line boot, go to grub, and highlight the system you want to boot. Press e to edit the entry, than go to the last line, press e again and add the code init 3 to the end of the boot code. Than press b to boot the modified code (this code isn't saved, it just boots it this time, so if you need to do it agian, you will have to either keep doing this, or edit your initttab file).

Now you should have a command line, you will be able to log in and install the video drivers you need.

If you want help finding and installing the video drivers, write back and tell us what kind of card you have and we would be glad to help.
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