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Hi all smile.gif

Does anyone know of a virus tool for linux that can remove viruses from a windows drive?

I have quite a few ppl asking me to get rid of viruses for them. It would be heaps easier if i didnt have to bother with booting up the machine and worrying bout safemode etc to remove the virus. Rather just put the windows drive into a removable tray, clean the viruses under linux, then put the drive back all done?


Wolfsta wink.gif

you could try BitDefender for linux (it's free and it's uptodate and it runs in console and it's in rpm format ) BitDefender and download the one for linux.

once done , simply mount the win drive into /winvirus (make a winvirus directory on linux box first)

and issue bdc --update (to update the virus definitions)
then the following command

bdc --files /winvirus --all --disinfect --list --log=/home/bdcoutput.txt

( YOU must run this as root ! )

This will remove any windows viruses, just make sure you update it
if you wan't to delete viruses afterwards that bdc couldn't delete, just do the same command
but this time use --delete ( WARRNING : DONT START WITH THIS, SINCE IT MIGHT DELETE CRITICAL SYSTEM FILES!!!!, always use disinfect, then check what files were not disinfected, and if you are absolutely sure that those files are not necessary for the proper operation of the operating system, only then use --delete )

Robert B
Brilliant Robert thanks.. havent tried yet but sounds good tongue.gif havent got a box prepared but thats the plan.. cheers

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