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so ive been messin around with my main PC witrh has Mandrake 10 on it, I set it up as a SSH server and connected with my laptop -- 64 megs ram 8 gig Hdd Fedora core 1 EXTREMELY SLOW. so I connect with SSH and for the heck of it I type in mozilla in the terminal. It open on the laptop, much faster than the laptop usually runs. SWEET, I notice a few graphical errors but other than that it runs good, was wondering if anyone can put any input on this and how it runs or if there is a better way to do it. Thanks
That is how to run an X app on the server via ssh ... the browser is not actually running on the laptop ... it is running on the server machine.

You are seeing the info in your X display on the laptop ... because X11 forwarding is on with both the server and the client.

This is a way you can take a less powerful machine and use it with newer, memory intensive programs ... it does require a fast network connection.
sounds good, just what I was looking for. Its over a 100 MBPS home lan so it runs quick and theres only two computers currently being used.
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