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Full Version: Running Sco Unix Programs In Linux
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My school has a piece of software that it needs for a specific program that it offers. The program was running on a SCO Unix OpenServer from 1997, however, this week, the SCSI hard drive failed on it. They went to re-install on a new system, but couldn't find their license key for the OpenServer (they do have the Tcp/Ip an VisonFS licenses here).

My question is, I could easily setup a Redhat server right now, but, can you run SCO UNIX programs in linux? Is there a compatibility program out there for it? The school doesn't want to spend another $20,000 on a different version of the software, and so far SCO has been unresponsive in helping.

I know nothing about SCO UNIX, this is the first time i've ever touched it before. Boy is it ever ugly tongue.gif
SCO is sueing people who do this ... but,

You can either copy the unixware shared library files to linux ... or maybe use:

and here is a page to find more info and may be able to help:

Being that I hate SCO ... do they have the source code for their software, so I can try to recompile it for them on something else?
sco sucks
I agree, SCO sucks, and i was telling Joey that I feel dirty even sitting down at their now-faulty OpenServer installation. This is one of the reasons why I want to move the server over to a Redhat installation. They found a license serial on the net somewhere, so I think they're going to try and install SCO again, though I'm not going to help them smile.gif I've already setup the Redhat server, and all I need is the software disk to get their software on there.
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