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Full Version: Fake Reboot
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Anyone knows how to do a fake reboot ?
What do you mean by fake reboot? What are you wanting to accomplish with a reboot?
thegoodtimes:~# shutdown --help
Usage:    shutdown [-akrhHPfnc] [-t secs] time [warning message]
                  -a:      use /etc/shutdown.allow
                  -k:      don't really shutdown, only warn.
                  -r:      reboot after shutdown.
                  -h:      halt after shutdown.
                  -P:      halt action is to turn off power.
                  -H:      halt action is to just halt.
                  -f:      do a 'fast' reboot (skip fsck).
                  -F:      Force fsck on reboot.
                  -n:      do not go through "init" but go down real fast.
                  -c:      cancel a running shutdown.
                  -t secs: delay between warning and kill signal.
                  ** the "time" argument is mandatory! (try "now") **

So, you can probably use the -k parameter to warn logged in users, but not actually shutdown.

If you just want all your services and stuff to restart instead of actually rebooting, you can change your run level. As root, run "init 1" which will switch you to single user mode, when that's complete you can switch back to your previous run level with something like "init 2" or whatever the runlevel was.
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