I recently installed Oracle on my fresh Linux OS.

The database was successful, however there were problems with my DBCA.

In the process of fixing the above problem, someone suggested to put line "LD_PRELOAD=/etc/libcwait.so" at the top of my .java_wrapper in the jre directory of JRE.

That was when all hell broke loose!

My system came back with message " /etc/libcwait.so: cannot opean shared object No such file or directory".

I decided to take the line out or try and find libcwait.so and put it in the right directory, but my system would not alow me to do this.

Hence, I decided to logout and reboot. BIG MISTAKE! During the reboot the system freezes with the message " init: error while loading shared libraries. /etc/libcwait.so: cannont opean shared object No such file or directory. Kernel panic: attempted to kill init". It would not go any further no matter how many times I reboot.

Could anyone advise, especially on how to load Linux one step at a time or safe-mode loading so I can take this offending - LD_PRELOAD=/etc/libcwait.so out of the .java_wrapper.

Thanks so much for your advise and quick reponse.