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Full Version: Shutting Down
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Hi everyone!

I installed Mandrake Linux 9.2 on my portable computer recently and came up with a problem: when I ask him to shut down the computer, it just does everything ok except really shutting down.
If I press enter while it is shutting down, to view the verbose mode, it does everything fine, until the last line appears: "Power Down". then, it hangs and does not shut. I have to shut him down by pressing the restart button.
Is there anything I can do for it to shut down properlly?
Thanks in advance!


do this

1. cd /var/log

echo "" > messages.log

then type

shutdown -h -t: now

It should still hang at the shutdown, but now you can check your messages.log file and see what happened during the shutdown

search for a word shutdown: in your messages log and please send us the lines till
syslog: syslogd startup succeeded.

Robert B
Hello again.
I have done what you asked me, but I found no line with: syslog: syslogd startup succeded. I found, actually, a line saying: syslogd 1.4.1: restart. I presume it is the same thing.
Therefor, here are the lines between them:

shutdown: shutting down for system halt
init: Switching to runlevel: 0
kernel: Looking for splash picture.... silenjpeg size 107888 bytes, found (800x600, 107840 bytes, v3).
kernel: Splash status on console 0 changed to on
kernel: Got silent jpeg.
kernel: Got silent jpeg.
dm: Stopping display manager:
su(pam_unix)[1826]: session closed for user root
dm: Display manager shutdown succeeded
kde3(pam_unix)[1180]: session closed for user bento
rc: Stopping dm: succeeded
devfsd: devfsd shutdown succeeded
devfsd: Stopping devfsd daemon: succeeded
xfs[970]: terminating
xfs: xfs shutdown succeeded
rc: Stopping kheader: succeeded
rc: Stopping partmon: succeeded
stop: Stopping Webmin server in /usr/share/webmin
webmin: Stopping Webmin succeeded
tmdns[1127]: normal exit
tmdns: tmdns shutdown succeeded
xinetd[1179]: Sending signal 9 to sgi_fam server 1608
xinetd[1179]: Exiting...
xinetd: xinetd shutdown succeeded
atd: atd shutdown succeeded
crond: crond shutdown succeeded
sound: Saving mixer settings succeeded
apmd[1030]: Exiting
apmd: apmd shutdown succeeded
dd: 1+0 records in
dd: 1+0 records out
random: Saving random seed: succeeded
rpc.statd[847]: Caught signal 15, un-registering and exiting.
nfslock: rpc.statd shutdown succeeded
kernel: Kernel logging (proc) stopped.
kernel: Kernel log daemon terminating.
exiting on signal 15
syslogd 1.4.1: restart.

If you could help me, I would be very greatfull.
Thanks again in advance,

If it says power down ... that just means that it doesn't understand the ACPI or APM system that you have and you have to manually turn off the computer.

It isn't hung, it just doesn't know how to turn off power, so it leaves it to you.

If you can run Mandrake 9.2, you can also probably run Mandrake 10.0 ... which might work better with your laptop's ACPI / APM.

What kind of laptop is it?

If you want to try and upgrade Mandrake 9.2 first to see if it helps, use this thread:

My laptop is a presario 900. I had lots of problems to actually install any linux here. So far, I didn't manage to install red hat, and knoppix only worksif I tell him not to detect USB. Anyway, USB never worked with any linux on my computer, including no with mandrake, but thats another problem.

If it is really necessary to install mandake 10.0, then it will have to wait smile.gif
Thanks for everything.

Hemant is perfectly can manually shutdown the computer when the power down message comes.
I had to do the same with Rehat-7.0 to Redhat-9.0.It does't hangs but it stays there.
But in FedoraCore-2 it "shuts" down the computer the normal way.
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