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Full Version: Looking At Windows Files In Linux
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I downloaded linux drivers for my network card in windows but the problem is I can't get to the file through linux. Is there any way I can access my windows partition through linux?
is your windows partition NTFS or FAT32 ... and what is your linux distro and version?
Your windows partition sould be mounted on the mnt folder. To acess this folder, open a command promt and type:

cd /mnt


you sould see folders with names such as "cdrom" and "floppy". This give you acess to the cdrom drives and floppy drive. But, on the /mnt folder sould be another folder named "windows" or "hda1" or something like that. if you acess this folder, you sould be able to view and copy what you need from the windows partition.
Remeber that linux treats the Windows partition as a drive, so you can't copy anything into it.

Good Luck!
If you drive isn't mounted automatically you are going to have to mount it yourself.

A mount command typically looks like this

mount -t (format) (drive) (location)

So if your windows drive is the first partition on your master harddrive, and you wanted to mount it to a folder in you mnt folder. First make a folder.

mkdir /mnt/windows

than type the command

mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows

To unmount it you just have to do

umount /mnt/windows

All of this has to be done as root, and your distro will have to be able to read NTFS drives, which if its not one of the newer distros running a 2.6 kernel or above, it probably wont. In that case, write us back and we may have some more tricks up our sleeves.
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