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Full Version: Problems Switching Between Desktops
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Hi, thanks for reading,
I just pitched WinXP yesterday and installed RedHat 8.
I was trying to install MPlayer and downloaded a version of XFree86 (2.3). I think that I misunderstood what I was installing and now I cannot get back to my Gnome Metacity Desktop, I think this one is called xsm.
On the RedHat login screen everything looks normal, but regardless of what I choose for session I am in this Desktop environment (kinda like a stripped down version of fvvm).

I would very much like to learn how to install and switch between desktop environments (windowMaker, KDE, etc.).
Two ideas, doesn't RedHat have a program called like "Desktop manager" or something, I seem to remember something along those lines when I was on RedHat 9.0 but that was a wile ago.

Second concern, are you sure you current version of Gnome is compatable with XFree86 2.3? You might need to update your Gnome as well.
Hemant problem i can see is..your version of Xfree86 is very old..(Are you sure you downloaded should be 3.2??? smile.gif )

Why not use the version that comes with Redhat-8.0.It will work fine.
And in any case Redhat uses GDM for graphical login and thus you can easily use different window managers by choosing proper session at the gdm screen.

If you have installed any other Window manager then you can check out this link that how to configure GDM so that it can recognise different window managers.
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