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Full Version: Im Really Really Screwed. Plz Read And Help
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Yeah my friend was always nagging me that Linux was so sweet and i needed to get off my windows crutch. So i dl Knoppix and decide yah i like linux. I then download all of Mandrake 9. I install on its own hard drive.When i try and install my MA311 Netgear wireless pci card, which is prism 2.5 it would work even though i used the prism driver thing.But my big problem is. I dont want to give up on linux but i really need my windows xp pro. But when i made dual boot using grub and lilo. The windows xp thing starts running then it gives me two errors. Im not sure what they are cause they go pretty fast but both say Autocheck something. Then it just restarts and sends me back to lilo. So right now im using my cd of knoppix cause it reconizes my wireless lan and lets me email.

Here is the main question how do i get my XP pro cd to boot first i can never get to it. How do i make it so i can to the repair option on the cd. You can give a crack at the other questions but first PLZ help me get my windows back.

I not a newb but i no where near what i should be and linux is just killing me. PLZ PLZ PLZ help
OK In knoppix i figured out that i could use WINE i believe to open the cd. But when i click install windows it doesnt work i just flashes a message before i can read it.
I'm having a little trouble understanding the problem. Okay, you installed mandrake 9 on a seperate hard drive, then when you try to boot into XP you get to your bootloader (grub or lilo) and the options are there for Manddrake and for Windows right? You select Windows, and you get 2 errors, but you're not sure what they are because it goes too quickly. Does the system restart itself, or does it freeze after that? I really don't think it's a bootloader problem, because as soon as you would choose Windows from the bootloader, it will not having anything to do with the rest of the booting process. When you installed your bootloader, did you install in your MBR? Or on a partition on one of the disks? If so, which disk?
you have to configure wine . the conf file is in /ect/wine directory.the file is named wine.conf you have to edit this a root. look at the floppy drive entry:
[Drive A]

if you mount your floppy change the Path= entry to reflect this
continue for you c: drive and your cdrom
hope this answers your question
i highly doubt you're going to be able to install Windows from linux unless your using something like vmware.
Yeah it automaticly restarts. It shows the windows xp pro thing and it has the little bar going. Then on the 3rd pass it goes into the light blue screen and tells me two quick auto check errors and then just restarts and sends me back to the lilo or grub.

But on the other reply so u think using Knoppix i can configure WINE to read my disk and get it to run windows repair because im hoping that it will just replace the autocheck things and i can run a dual boot.
By the sounds of it, you're getting the Windows XP screen that says that it was not shut down properly the last time it was running so it is about to do a file system check then tells you to cancel the system check, press any key right? I don't see why that would make the system restart though.
Thanks for the help. I finally got it fixed. Thanks alot heh now plz kindly address my other post.

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