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Full Version: What Guides Would You Like To See?
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I would like to see a guide on how to get USB key to work on RedHat 9, including what to do if Kernel does not recognize USB mass storage.
Welcome to Linuxhelp. FWIW RH 9 is obsolete and will not have out of the box support for the latest hardware nor any of the features found in the newest distributions.
If you are not using RH 9 for some legacy applications I would suggest installing the latest Fedora.
yess Ok Thankss!


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Guide to GRUB:
1) Finding correct details to partition and adding entries to menu.lst
2) Using commandline to boot a partition using GRUB
I do like Premium Guides. I think they really help people learn the advantages and the disadvantages of a hero and help the player learn how to play him correctly. The best thing about Premium Guides is that by reading it, you can get the grasp of the hero even if you have never played him. You can find his best lane partner and his worst opponents, see the exact range of the skills, see the best item and skill build and in general find all the useful and interesting information you need.

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Am total newbee. I was worried about computer compatibility. Took a guess and got a very common processor and video driver and it was all compatible. Would a list of compatible hardware be good?
OK ... A guide that I think might be good is this:

1. How to obtain domain a name and register it. (How to point it to if it is not a static IP.)

2. Setup a fully fuctional gateway server (Home / Small Business) that contains everything you need to make it do the following:

a. Be a Firewall (2 NICs, one connected to your cable/DSL modem ... the other to your internal network). Allow all your internal PCs go to the internet.

b. Be a Webserver. Serve pages for your new domain name.

c. Be an E-mail server for your newly obtained domain. Have Spam and Anti Virus protection and webmail.

e. Be a DHCP server for your internal Network.

f. Be a Caching DNS server (if you had to use zone edit) or your Primary Master DNS server (if you have a static IP) ... and be the DNS server for your internal network.

g. Be a Samba Primary Domain Controller (PDC) for your Windows computers on your internal network.

I am going to be working on such a guide ... with pieces of it already being done and posted here (the following are already done - Webserver {which needs some work}, the Mail server, the DNS server and Samba PDC).

May next part of it will be the DHCP server...then the firewall. Then a document to tie it all together.

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When I log into my web server via SSH I see the information:
88 packages can be updated.
80 updates are security updates
I tried apt-get update then apt-get upgrade but each time I log in I still see the message about updates. How do I install them?

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