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Full Version: Initialisaton Script (linux Autoexec.bat)
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Hello again, a siple question for most of you
I have SUSE linux 9.1, and I need the initialisation script (something like the autoexec.bat of DOS)
I need it mainly to add some enviromental variables, so if there is a better way to do it, please tell me
also I need to add the enviromental variables using setenv, but is not avaliable in my shell (bash shell)
is there an alternative, or everything will be fine if I use the set command.
An a final one, is there a program in SUSE (command line preferably) to change the deamons running on my system
because I am afraid of touching directly the rc directories in etc

thanks again
You probally want /etc/profile

I havn't done much with it (just changes some aliases, such as clear is now cls, etc.), but that might be what you want.

Also, I'm pretty sure you want to use 'set' instead of 'setenv'

(Example: set HISTSIZE=500)
Thanks for the tip
I am not sure if set will do the trick, but will give it a try
I am trying to make a program run, which as they say in the readme requires env variables with setenv. I am not sure if export can do anything about it.
If anybody knows please post
You can edit file...
~/.bashrc and put the variable there and export ~ means the home directory of user..
something like this...
export LANG

thus in the above example a environment variable LANG was assigned the value "C" and the value is exported so that it is globally recognisable.
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