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Full Version: Accessing Different Partitions
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i installed mandrake on the first half of the hard drive, later i had startup problems and installed another copy on the second half, my problem now is that i can't access the files from the first instillation (specifically the home partition) shouldn't these show up in the /mnt dirrectory? the only thing i can find there is the cdrom
No...You can't access them like that you will have to mount them manually using command:

# mount /dev/hdxy /mnt/oldman

here hdxy is basically the partition you want to mount like../dev/hda5..etc and oldman is a directory created inside mnt where the filesystem will be mounted....
i tried that and failed.

running as root, i get the error message :

[root@localhost /]# mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
mount: mount point /mnt/hda1 does not exist

after reading the mount manual it seems that i need to specify the file system type

unfortunately, i neither know what that is nor do i know how to find out
You need to create a mount point i..e
mkdir /mnt/oldhome (as an example)

mount -t auto /dev/hda1 /mnt/oldhome (change hda1 to your actual old home directory)

To see how the drive is partitioned
fdisk -l (that is a small L) (need to be root)
thanks! biggrin.gif
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