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Full Version: Directory Permissions
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Hello. Im running Mandrake 10 Official. I have a question about setting permissions.

When i do this to a directory

]# chmod a-rw directory

it works for a while but then later the permissions go back to how they where...
I guess what I need to know is how to chage permissions on a directory with out it reverting to the prior permissions it had.
A program is changing the permissions of this directory, so the short answer is no.

What folder is this? (and where is it located?)
]# chmod a-rw directory

you are making "directory" not readable and writable for all.Well that is not a normal thing to do...unless you want to fool someone. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

but that command will work more accurately if you do that recursively..for example:
# chmod -R a-rw directory
I keep having that same problem with my Apache directory. I change the permsion with chmod 755 and it runs for a wile, but than if I reboot or something it goes back to restricted. I am guessing its apache, but its really starting to bug me.
Have you tried chaning the permissions recursively..using -R option.
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