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Full Version: Mandrake 10.0 Won't Boot
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I just did a fresh install of Mandrake 10.0 (yes, linux newbie). The install went perfectly and everything booted up correctly the first time into the KDE window manager. After I logged out the first time, it would not reboot again. It shows the initial booting up screen, but then just goes to a black screen and freezes. It will boot in failsafe mode, but sometimes shows the error

"Unmounting initrd:umount: /initrd: device is busy"

The other error I have seen is "Bringing up interface eth0: Failed" (That computer is not currently connected to the internet).

I tried a 'startx &' command from the shell, but that generated a whole host of errors.

Any ideas what to check first???

Having a similar problem here, I boot up, get to "Configuring Kernel parameters: [ OK ] " then it hangs...
took out the extra nic I had in the box, now it boots fine. Netgear FA310TX
Cant get mandrake 10 to boot either, after fresh install, it asks to reboot, when it reboots it gets to the part where it says push "I" for interactive startup and freezes tighter than fort knox. Memory and HD check out fine from tests.

P3 800
1gig ram
ati rage 128
3com nic
atrend 6240v-1 MB
WD 10 gig and 8 gig drives
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