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Full Version: Can't Boot Mandrake 9.1
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I recently installed Mandrake 9.1 on my laptop along with Win2K. Everything was running fine until I spilled a glass of wine on my keyboard. I got the infamous "Stuck Keys" message so I sent the laptop to the manufacturer and they replaced the keyboard. They could not get into Mandrake so instead they "Checked it out" with Win XP whatever that means. In the mean time, they also deleted the partition with all my data and the Mandrake installation.

Now whenever I try to reinstall Mandrake 9.1, everything goes well until I try to reboot the system with LILO. All I get is a blank graphical screen with no boot sequence like LILO used to do.

I have tried using a WIN98 boot disk with the command: FDISK /MBR. NO GO! I have reinstalled Partition Magic 7.01 and setup my partitions again just like they used to be. I reinstalled Mandrake. NO GO!

I thought the problem was with the MBR so I used Active KillDisk which nuked the entire HDD. I tried a Mandrake only install, it partitioned the entire drive for Linux, installed with LILO but still NO GO!

I desparately want to get back to Linux heaven. I can install the system with packages but no matter what I do, I cannot boot into Mandrake. I have tried just about every configuration I can think of without success. I that when they "Checked out my computer" with WIN XP they changed something to keep Mandrake from booting. Can anyone solve this problem ?????

try using GRUB as the boot loader instead of LILO

Robert B
There isn't anything they could have changed when the "checked out" your computer. Check and make sure your harddrive is still on the master position. Sometimes windows will over look bad drive placement but Linux demands a little more from its users.

Honestly, I would call up and moan at the computer compony. They really managed to screw up your computer so how, I am not quite sure how though.

Try grub and see what happens. I sort of doubt that it will help but its worth a shot. Just out of ceriousity, how are you setting up the drive?
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