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Full Version: Wine And Visual Basic 6.0
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i am running slackware 9.1 and wine 20040408 and i am trying to install visual basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition. I have looked in the wine application db and there is a listing for it, however, it give no information about how to actually get it running. Anyways, i searched around on the internet and came up with nothing. Does anybody here know how to do it? Or even some good web sites giving brod instructions on how to get a setup.exe running. Thanks for any help in advance.
My advice is don't use a windows program in linux. Honestly, if you want to program there are plenty of linux programs (like emacs) that will let you do it, and even more advanced suits like VB. If you want to use VB use windows, other wise just use a linux based program. Wine only slows down your computer and completely defeats the purpose of using linux in the first place. I know that wasn't the advice you wanted, but I think its valid.
I have never successfully gottne VB6 to work through wine, for the longest time while I was doing my last course, I had win2000 installed specifically for VB6. I haen't tried recently though, so I don't know how far Wine has come.

When you mount the cd, and go into it and run:

$ wine -- setup.exe

What happens? What's spit out to the console?
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