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Full Version: Geforce Fx 5500
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I just purchased a new HP with the Geforce FX 5500 vid card. I pulled my linux drive out of old system too put in the new one installed bootloader nothing nothing but command line. I did a total format of / and still nothing. I tried my 9.2 mandrake disks, and my 10.0 community disks. Same results. When installing i can see everything. Its only when it tries too run a display manager it crashes. Its not really a crash. Its loaded up but screen is black light brightness is turned down or something. Cntl/alt/backspace puts me back too command line with no errors reported. nvidia has new drivers, but they do the same thing. Any info anyone needs too help me i will do my best too provide. I am beginner at command line though so its hard for me too get around. Been using Gnome for a year though. Anyone have any idea where the problem is?
As X loads (if you use the nvidia driver package for linux on their site) there is a black screen for (depending on the system) a few minutes. Then you will see a white 'Nvidia' logo, and you'll be in your window manager.

Please startx, and wait patiently. =)
Thanks! I didnt know that. I waited alittle while but grew impatient. Does this also do this with a fresh install from disk? I may not need too reload the new driver. I currently uninstalled it too put the drive on a working system so i could burn my files to cd. If i reinstall with 10.0 will it work from cd or should i use the nividia site drivers?
I'm not sure, but I can give you a guess:

I'm betting that the nvidia driver is not included if you do a fresh install.

Oh, you'll have video, and you can go into X, but you'll probally be using a generic driver.

To be able to have openGL, and 3D acceleration, you'll need the nvidia drivers from their site.

Just a guess though. happy.gif
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