In SCG (formely known as Yugoslavia) we have a terrible internet , yesterday the entire system went down , both "big" providers Verat and some other . And it was gone for two days, we have our domain located at our ISP in Subotica and we didn't have a connection with them till Veratnet was restored (because we and they are on a different provider, which are not conneted smile.gif bahhh... ).

So the problem was solved by simply pluging in a External Robotics 56K FaxModem into the WinXP PC that has the mail server.

The real problem I'm worried about, if I install a linux mail server instead of that (which I will do this weekend :

Is a External Robotics 56K FaxModem (COM1 or COM2) compatible with Whitebox ?
How hard is it to configure ? And How do I configure it from the command promt ( I don't want to use a graphic enviroment for the mail server).

What kind of a modifications do I need to add to postfix ?

And How can I do this so that I can manualy switch from direct LAN (which goes trough our local ISP) to the telephone line (which dials up the Subotica ISP) ?

Robert B