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Full Version: Ircd Type Question.
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I recently downloaded Beware IRCd, and services, on my Knoppix 3.3 box. I went to rehash the server after making a few changes, and couldn't. I'm trying to think of a way to be more descriptive, but I'm having trouble thinking. Anyway, I was just wondering if there's anyway to execute a batch file on a process?

If you need anything else, please let me know. blink.gif
I don't think so. =D

try 'ps -C ircd' (or whatever the program is called in this case), and then kill it's process ID number (example: kill 1243)

Then run the program again (example: ircd &) and any changes you had done while it was running beforehand should now take effect (if I understand you correctly).
But this is for an IRC server, so if I have some people on it, they'll all be knocked off.

Let me refraze my first post, as I understand it was confusing. Sorry, just extremly tired.

I downloaded an IRCd, beware IRCd, from I downloaded it's Linux version, and ran it. I went to configure the ircd.conf, saved it, and went to rehash the server, or reload the config files, in other word. I went to oper myself, and found that it didn't rehash, so I tried again. Same results. I guess basically I'm just trying to find out how I can reload all of the configuation files.
To reload the config files, you must restart the ircd server.

You shouldn't have to change your config files after your server is stable, so it shouldn't be an issue.

You could make a bash script to do this for you (which users wouldn't notice, generally the client doesn't notice the disconnect for some time):

killall ircd
/path/to/program/ircd &
But what if I'd like to add an IRCop? I would need to edit my config files in order to do this.

One of my configuration files, atleast. Maybe you might be able to recommend a Linux IRCd that doesn't require me to rehash my server to add IRCops?
Are you sure you need to restart the IRC server for that?

I wouldn't think so.

Only your main config will probally need a restart of your IRCd. And all IRCds are like that. smile.gif

Even if you do need to, you probally won't be adding IRCops often (shouldn't atleast).
Not restarting, rehashing. Even fi I don't add IRCops often, I'd still like to be able to do it without having to restart the server.
Unless I'm greatly mistaken, you cannot. happy.gif

If you want the server to read from a config file, you need to restart it. You can't just edit it on the fly, and except it to read the config file constantly for changes.

You must have the program read the config file. To do this, restart the service.
Did you read what I said carfully? I know that they don't constantly read the configuration files. That's what rehashing is for. It makes the server look at the new changes to the configuration files. If you use beware ircd for windows, and make a change to ircd.conf, you rehash the server, which makes it read the configuration files/update accordingly. You don't have to resart the whole server.
You don't seem to be hearing me very clearly.

Rehashing did what I told you to do. It quickly shuts down the server, reads the config, and starts it back up. Virtually no downtime, just like in the bash script I gave you.

In other words, it stops running the original config that is now altered, and now reads from the updated config file.
Just give me a minute to think up some kind of idiotic retort so I don't sound like TOO too much of a jackass dry.gif
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