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Full Version: Monitor Switching Thing
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I have one monitor that I wish to use for 2 computers.

At my local college, I've seen these nifty things that let you choose which computer you want to get an image from. You just turn a dial to A or B.

(The monitor goes into this small box, and the small box has 2 wires that lead to each computer)

Does anyone know what this is called, and where I might be able to pick one up?
It is called a Monitor Thingy smile.gif

Actaully, it is called a KVM switch (for Keyboard/Video/Mouse). You can get one fairly cheap.

More stuff at
Eck, that's expensive as hell. ;-_-

It would be cheaper to buy an old monitor locally. XD

Thanks though. =)
well, guess expensive and cheap are relative smile.gif

I have a (2) 16 port KVM's in my server room at work that all feed one Mouse / Monitor / Keyboard.

At home I have (2) 4 port ones and 6 PCs ....

I was hoping it would be a $5 little thing. wink.gif *shrugs* I'll just do it manually, I guess biggrin.gif
What you can also do is save yourself some trouble and cost and next time you buy a good monitor find one that has multiple in-puts built in. Thats what I do. I have my PC pluged into the VGA and my Mac plugged into the DVI thats a real nice way to do it.

I don't know how good you are with electronics, but my buddy did make his own V switch (like a KVM without the keyboard and mouse) from some old VGA cable. You could probably do that pretty cheap.
That sounds pretty cool, thanks. smile.gif I'll google that. happy.gif
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