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Dear all,

I have just bought a new PC which is going to be used for work which means my old PC is available for a Linux install.

I have choosen Suse Linux as my distro and i want some advice on preparing my hardware. I currently have Win2K running using NTFS and which will be now completely removed to make way for Linux however i would like some advice on preparing the hard drives, is there a standard partition size for the installation and what file allocation should i use, FAT, FAT32, NTFS?

I hope someone can help.


Glen Palmer
first of all
the fat, fat32, ntfs doesnt apply to linux
that is only for windows OS or DOS that uses fat

just set up your partitions like the following

/boot - partition type: linux native 100meg of space
/ - partition type: linux native
then a partition type of swap 2 X your amount of physical ram
then set the rest of the space left over for / partition
Thank You,

I used fdisk from DOS and deleted all partitions and ran the suse install cd.

Everything went fine and the install set all partitions up for me.


man, a 100 megs for /boot ? You must have hd space to spare, i have mine setup with 17 mb tongue.gif
i just have a 10 gig hard drive for now....working on larger hard drive to i dont have to worry about delete kernel stuff in my boot and fill the partition up on accident if that ever happens
i got a 20 gig, and i feel like i have zero space to loose smile.gif
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