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Full Version: Writing Kernel Module: Using Block Device Interfac
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This may be an advanced question, but since I'm stuck, maybe by asking it I might get a pointer.

I'm writing a device driver that needs to interface (read/write) with block device drivers.
Basically I get data from a communication protocol, and I need to pass it to a block device (md, LVM, /dev/sda? etc.).

As a test case, I have a very simple driver that creates the data itself.
After allocating buffer_heads, and filling them up with pointers to teh data buffers, I
call generic_make_request with the buffer_heads list. I crash in blkdev_release_request.

The data is not in the buffer cache, so I don't turn BH_Mapped on.

I'm looking for a forum where I can talk about this. Also, any pointers to books, papers how-tos etc regarding how to use the block device request queue interface from the kernel will help me. [I found information how to implement a request queue but not how to use it].

If you are really can follow Alesandro Rubinis book.You can download the book from here

Here you can ask your question and i hope you will get some reply from there.
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