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Full Version: Don't Record Audio In Mono!
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I was having the darndest problems I could get one track down, but then recording more while playing back the already-recorded track would get everything all garbled. This would have seemed like a duplexxing problem, right? But it wasn't -- all I had to do was tell Audacity to record in stereo, and voila, it worked.

This was doubly non-obvious to me because mono would seem to be less processor-intensive, right? But apparently it's "outdated" or "unsupported" or something.

Since it got in the way of multitracking for me, it might be responsible for other audio recording problems in other situations.


P.S. I'm a happy camper now. I don't plan on changing a thing for the rest of my computer's life. (Well, maybe that's an exaggeration ...)

I wouldn't have thought that the stereo setting in audacity would have had an impact on that problem either ... good job finding the problem, and thanks for posting the information on the forums.
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