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Full Version: No Gui On Start Up Of Redhat 7.2
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i installed redhat 7.2 on an older computer(compaq presario model 4528). according to the specs i have it should run fine on that system even tho it only has 32mb of ram. when i installed the software it prompted me that it was increasing the swap file size because of low amount of ram i have. when it the system boots up there is no gui. there is the text mode and i have been fiddling around with comands to try and fix but still no gui. dont know exactly what is wrong but am looking for some kind of answers. any help anyone can give me with be apreciated.
Try typing "startx".

Otherwise, your video card might not be supported
Even if your video card is not supported we can try to configure it using some generic video card(Like VESA)..thus you will have GUI up and running in any case(Unless you have a video card)

Just tell us what was the output of the
# startx
Then we can proceed to diognise your problem..
this particular model compaq has an built in video on the motherboard. i have tryed to use the smartx comand with no success. any other options?
Could you give us the output of startx? (startx > startx.output)

Then you can copy that on to a disk, or onto a website. happy.gif

You can try switching your videocard driver from (whatever) to VESA, as gethemant said. smile.gif You would do this by editing your /etc/X11/XF86Config (or XF86Config-4) file.

Or use xf86config as mentioned in this guide:
Few questions..
1.Is you monitor recognised by Linux?? If not,do you have the Horizontal and vertical sync ranges??
2.What was the output of command startx?? I think that you are putting up these posts from a window box so don't know the error exactly but you can post approx error messages!!

And after that..Try this command
# Xconfigurator
And it will try to recoginse your video card and monitor automatically..If it will ask you to select these manually.
At this stage knowing the frequency ranges will be handy..and later for the video card you can select Vesa works in the 99% of cases...
i tryed to run startx and this is the error i got.
fatal server error
x10 fatal IO error 104(connection reset by peer) on x server
i also tryed # xconfigurator but there was no response. any advise you can give me to fix the problem would be appreciated.
Command to configure is ..

# Xconfigurator

X in CAPS..
i have tryed the # Xconfigurator comand and i get no response. HELP

you could try this , start up your system in level 3 ...when the boot menu comes up type linux init3 then :
cp /etc/X11/XF86Config /home/
rm /etc/X11/XF86Config

let the system start up, it should (if RH7 works simillar to RH9) say that it cannot find the XF86Config file, and asks you if you wan't to configure your graphich(?) adapter and monitor again, say yes.

And this time chose vesa for vga, and be careful when choosing the monitor type.

Robert B
do not take this as a condescending question, but did you install a GUI in the first place? on a system with low RAM, the installer might have defaulted to text-only install and you just might have accepted whatever settings the installer presented as default;

just trying a different approach to the problem;

lesio1974 you hit it on the head. i dont know how i did it but i didnt install the gui. duh. like i said i am new at this. thank everyone for there help.
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