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Full Version: I Am Grossly Ashamed Of Not Knowing This, But...
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What is the key combination for that short vertical line that shows so often with "grep" command and what is it called???

I have heard it called a pipe, I believe thats the usual Unix term for it.
and what needs to be pressed to type it in the terminal?

Shift + backwards slash

yeah, it is a pipe, and you should be embarrased tongue.gif
what is the "backwards slash"???

just kiddin'


Now the key I am always trying to find is the "any" key. I have a crappy keyboard that doesn't have one. Thats the reason I switched over to linux, I could boot up my windows drive anymore because I couldn't hit the any key to continue.

Ok, old joke, I just couldn't resist. Notice how it says "Press enter when ready" now insteall of the "strike any key" yeap, thats how dumb people are.
it is quite possible that there are a lot of new Linux users who post for help on forums and then somebody advises them to "blablabla | grep blala" or anything else with the pipe in it and these newbies (including yours trully) probably think that the pipe is an "I" or an "l" or still something else; they try guess it or leave it out of the command, thus adding even more confusion and frustration to their plight; some will post more questions and get their problem solved but some will give up and return to the other OS.

so the pipe is not as a trivial matter as it may appear...

the best one of ALL times is when you boot your computer and there is a keyboard error..
the error message would say something like

Keyboard Failure, or keyboard stuck error

and what does it ask you to do...

press any key to continue or

press F1 to continue or F2 to enter setup....

how crazy is that.....

and im sure many of you know what im talking about....

i think its the craziest shit
I know exactly what your talking about, i've spent the last 2 months in a computer lab full of old computers trying to piece together what is good and what isn't. I have come accross this error frequently.

I think the purpose is to get you to switch keyboards, then press F1. Or, it could have just been some bonehead programmer at the bios company, who knows.
The solution to the pipe problem is to change fonts so it looks like it did in the good ol days: 2 vertical lines on top of each other, not a single verticle line that might be an L or an I or a 1...
Yeah, i belive DOS displays it that way by default.
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