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Full Version: Different Bootup Method?
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I have this idea of installing a new drive (d:) to install Linux to.

I was thinking of removing my first drive (Win2K) so that there will be only the new d: drive inside. Then I will proceed with installing Linux. After that, I'll plug the old C: drive back as master. I am very concerned about the integrity of my data and system and that is what is holding me back from taking the plunge into the open-source domain.

I will choose which OS to start by changing the boot sequence in BIOS. Can it work like this? Some of the questions that I have include:
- Will there be any change/damage to the boot record if I do it this way?
- How will Win2K/Linux recognise each other when, say, I open Windows Explorer? To my knowledge, Linux cannot recognise NTFS.

Thanks in advance for any advice rendered!

P.S. I am expecting to do some development work on the Linux platform, particularly on the Squid proxy. Any advice on which 'flavour' I should go for?
Linux can read NTFS (usually by default, depends on the distro... you may have to recompile your kernel, though not usually). You cannot write to NTFS (unless you're feeling suicidal).

Windows by default cannot view your linux partitions, but there are programs that will do this for you:

If I understand you correctly,

You have a hard drive C, and a second hard drive D.

One has Windows2000 on it C, one is blank D.

You wish to remove the Windows2000 hard drive, and put in the blank one, and install linux. Then put your Windows drive back in, and use BIOS to switch which one you boot from?

I'd suggest doing this:

Put in your D drive in as slave or Secondary Master (master, on the diffrent IDE thingie on your motherboard).

You can then install Linux to your D drive, and have Grub/Lilo as your boot manager.

This will let you pick which Operating System to install, without having to mess with BIOS, or your Windows hard drive.

It will change your boot record, but in a good way. biggrin.gif
That's right! So I guess the 'BIOS method' can work? I don't mind playing with the BIOS. I'm more concerned about the boot record.

If I were to use the Grub/Lilo manager, what if I remove the first drive and make the HDD with Linux as the master drive? Can Grub recognise it?
Yes, grub would recognize and be able to boot both hard drives/operating systems. smile.gif

You don't have to worry about the boot manager, most of it's automated. happy.gif And if it does mess up, you can still get into Windows by using a windows 98 boot disk and using the 'fdisk /mbr' command.
Thanks! biggrin.gif
Hope this is will provide me with a good experience and stay on with the penguin. smile.gif
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