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Newbie alert, but, getting better all the time.

Having problems with using webcollage in xscreensaver. The man pages it comes with don't really help. I have yet to find any type of articles on setting it up or any forum post anywhere that solves anyone's problems.

In perspective to some of the newbie questions here, this one is not quite important, but, after using all I knew how to do which was realistically nothing, I post.

First trying to run it with xscreensaver-demo, I had all of the default settings still there.

Not sure if it helps but I am using redhat 9.

When I run webcollage, the screen blanks as per usual, but after that there is rarely anything that happens. Sometimes if I let it sit longer, it will bring up an error which I will put in so perhaps someone knows how to help me.

jpegLoad: /temp/webcollage.3055 - Unsupported SOF marker type 0xc2
/temp/webcollage.3055; unkown or unsupported image type

I know that it is collecting data because the ethernet hub is showing activity. That error file will display once every 20 seconds or so on a lower portion of the screen that the last time untill it hits what seems like a nice comfrotable bottom spot for it and blink there.

I have no clue what this error is, but, I believe that it could be fixable, although I have no idea how to do so. Perhaps I have to run it through a filter? I'm not sure.

If anyone knows how I can remedy this or if I need to post some more data, let me know. Thanks for your time.

I tried creating an image directory, by editing the .xscreensaver file but that did not help so I removed it.

I keep getting the same error from jpegLoad, with the exception that the "offending file" changes to webcollage.**** respectively every time I try to load it. Not totally confusing. I think I will probably have to fiddle with jpegLoad yeah?

I don't know where to begin with that.

-urls-only displays a list of urls which is indicative that everything is working with the exception of the display of the images.
Forget this screensaver.... biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
That's rather defeatist.

you could try using *.png image files , just for testing...

Robert B
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